Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hollyoaks recap 09/25/07 (Dec. 27, 2006)

It's Christmas Day, and Max, Clare, and Tom are in an isolated Cabin. Clare says they have no cell-phone reception. Tom opens his presents, and Clare gives Max his present from her, a pair of cufflinks to replace the pair he used to have that belonged to his father. Max is touched up the gift, saying that Clare means everything to him. He tells her he thinks he's going to die and promised that his insurance will take care of her. She tells him she doesn't want to here him talk like that. Meanwhile, O.B. can't convince the police or Dominic that Clare is trying to kill Max.

The Dean/Osbourne family talks about baby Charlie coming to live with them. Frankie can't wait to get her grandchild home. But later, when Jake goes to the prison, Becca can't bring herself to give him up, deeply disappointing Jake.

The McQueens attempt to have a good Christmas, despite having no presents or food, including a game of charades. They have dinner later at the Dog. Jacqui calls her mother from prison to wish her a happy Christmas. Jacqui notices Becca and the baby as she goes back to her cell.

The Valentine children have their first Christmas since their mom died. Dad Leo tries to make up for all the years he wasn't there, but Sasha and Sonny don't appreciate the effort.
Later, the McQueens, the Deans, the Valentines, and other assorted villagers spent the evening at the Dog.

Clare leans over Max, checking to see if he's still breathing. He awakes when her mobile rings. It's O.B., demanding to know where they are. Clare pretends it's a friendly call from Dom, and that the call is dropped.

Max is getting worse. He thinks he needs a doctor. When Clare claims her mobile is broken, Max remembers some of the things O.B. said. Clare acts hurt, and says she'll take Tom with her to ring a doctor. Instead, she just takes Tom out to play for a while, letting Max grow worse and worse.

A desperate O.B. breaks down the door of Max and Clare's flat to find evidence of where they went. At the cabin, Max wakes up wanting his medicine. Clare isn't there, so he pulls himself across the room to get them out of the jar. He knocks the jar to the ground, spilling the capsales. He sees that one has broken open, but that no medicine spilled out. As he opens another empty capsale and another, he begins to realize the true horror of the situation. Clare decides it's time to go back to the cabin.

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