Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hollyoaks recap 09/21/07 (originally 12/21/06)

Becca gives birth to a baby boy at the hospital. She can't believe how things have turned out. She is visited by her thrilled husband Jake and her sister Nancy before being carted off to the mom/baby unit at the prison. Nancy sobbed in Jake's arms as they led Becca away.

Tom wants to take a letter to Santa to ask him to make Max better. Clare refused to take him, resulting in Tom leaving the flat on his own. Tom runs to O.B. at the restaurant to ask him to take him, but Clare shows up to take him away. O.B. thinks Clare is mistreating Max, but he can't convince Dominic that Clare is lying about Max's condition. O.B. decides to sneak into the Max and Clare's flat. When he sees what bad shape Max is in, he decides to call a doctor. But Clare catches him and Max lies that he saw a doctor today already. O.B. begs Max to see that Clare is trying to kill him, but Clare throws him out.

Justin indignantly tells Sasha that some people actually think he's lying and that he got Becca sent to prison out of revenge (the nerve of some people actually speaking the truth)! Justin seems somewhat torn about Becca's prison sentence, but Sasha thinks she got what she deserved, and that if Becca had been a man, she'd have gotten 10 years instead of two. Justin reacts to this (guess he remembered that he just had sex with 15-year-old Sasha).

Without telling her mom or siblings, Michela meets her long-lost father Ricky. They meet in a cafe and appear to bond. He wants to see her again. Michela is thrilled.

Craig and John Paul discuss their respective girlfriends, as Sarah and Hannah discuss them. As usual, girls and boys see things a bit differently. While Hannah is quite smitten, John Paul is feeling smothered. Later, John Paul breaks up with Hannah because he knows that something isn't right and he likes her too much to use her. Hannah won't believe that it has nothing to do with her performance in bed, despite John Paul insisting that she's done nothing wrong.

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