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Hollyoaks Recap 09/24/07 (Originally Dec. 22, 2006)

Today's episode begind in an artsy way, with several characters appearing as holiday card drawings before becoming live action (you know what I mean). Clare was an angel (ha!) bringing breakfast to bed-ridden Max. Next picture is baby boy Dean, in a manor scene, until he's revealed to be in his prison nursery with Becca. Next shot is mistletoe, which Hannah rips down and throws in the trash. It's all very cute.

At the McQueen house, Craig can't believe John Paul broke up with Hannah, telling him this is causing trouble between him (Craig) and his girlfriend Sarah. Craig can't keep his eyes off a scantily-dressed Mercedes, to John Paul's annoyance.

Hannah is confused and upset about her breakup with John Paul. Sarah and Gilly, each in their own way, try to offer advice, but to no avail.

Becca talks to her roommate, but can't bring herself to tell her what charge she was convicted of. Becca still hasn't named the baby. Later, the roommate finds out Becca was convicted of having sex with someone underage. Becca tries to explain, but the woman accuses her of being sick. "Things happen to people like you," she warns. Later, Frankie Dean (Becca's mother-in-law) visits. She tries to comfort Becca, who says she doesn't think she can raise her son in prison. Frankie tells her the best thing she could do would be to let Jake bring the baby home.

The McQueen family have dinner at the Dog, where John Paul tells them he broke up with Hannah. Carmel is in rare form today. She tells them all about an avert she saw:
"When you buy the CD, you get a free air guitar. How good is that. I am so getting it. I know I can't play the guitar, but it would still look cool." The looks on her family's faces were priceless.
Tina tried to explain, but it didn't penetrate.

Michela brings her dad Ricky back to McQueen house while the others are still out. Ricky gives her a present to open later, and sends her out for pies while he waited there. When she came back, he was gone- and so were the presents and major appliances!

The McQueen family arrives home to find a tearful Michela. Apologizing, she admits that it was Carmel, John Paul, and her dad who robbed them, taking their whole Christmas.
Myra: "At least we've still got some Turkey."
Michela tearfully shakes her head.
Myra: "I need a drink."
Michela shakes her head again.

Carmel asks if he left any of her presents.
Mercedes: "Yeah, he's got your air guitar over there. Not wrapped up though."

Michela: (Showing them Ricky's gift to her) "He said that this was how special I was to him."
She shows them the empty box.
Carmel: "I can't believe it. He even nicked that."

Max tells Clare that he has to get out of the flat. Max wants to get Tom a present. Clare says that he is far too ill. Later, with much effort, he sneaks out. Dominic and O.B. see Max on the street. Shocked at his appearance, they want to take him to the hospital. Truly, the man looks like death. Clare arrives, and convinces Dominic that she'll take Max to the hospital. O.B. wants to go too, but Clare refuses. He accuses her of neglecting Max's care.
Clare: "So the heart-attack's my fault now is it."
O.B.: "No, you just got lucky." Clare reacts slightly at this.
O.B.: (Realizing just how right he is) "That's it, isn't it. You're going to let him die."
O.B. has figured it all out. About the life insurance. About everything. Unfortunately, he can't convince anyone else. When O.B. arrives at the hospital, he finds out that Max never arrived.

Clare loads Max and Tom in her car. Max asks where they're going.
Clare: "Don't worry, Max. We're going away for a Christmas you'll never forget."

The episode ends with Becca looking despondently at her baby in his crib, now labeled "Charlie."

Merry freakin' Christmas.

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