Saturday, January 12, 2008

One Life to Live- Best Soap of the Moment

Great episodes this week. Viki/Marcie scenes were particularly good and intense. Chris Stack really proved to be a great recast and I think he and Kathy Brier work well together. I also appreciated that there were a lot of laughs to balance out the sturm und drang. And it looks like the hostage crisis will end next week.

Another well done episode. My sister made fun of me for looking so concerned about Viki, but it was only because KB did such a good job of making think Marcie was completely nuts. I mean, I knew Viki was going to be okay, but I was still worried, a sign of good soap writing.

My feelings about Marcie swing from one extreme to another. One moment I feel sorry for the crazy woman, the next I'm yelling at the screen for a sharp-shooter to take her out when she started accusing Viki of faking being ill. And then I teared up during the last scene of the episode. Tommy/Sam smiling at Michael and then the three of them together, probably for the last time, got to me. I'm not on Marcie's side, but I'm not made of stone, either. The whole thing is just really sad.

I don't know about anyone else, but I loved today's episode. I just had the best time watching today. And I think KB is doing a wonderful job of playing a deranged woman I still feel sorry for. I really bought that Marcie could shoot Viki.

How great were the reporters, having absolutely nothing new to report, talking about the diner's award winning pie (the secret is the graham-cracker crust)? And everyone's reactions to Viki working as a waitress?

Viki said exactly what I've been thinking for months. The truth is, Sam/Tommy will be able to survive without Marcie, but Marcie doesn't think she can survive without him. I understand that. I sympathize. But that doesn't make putting Sam/Tommy's life at risk by going on the run any less selfish. I feel very sorry for Marcie, but this isn't about what's best for her. It's about doing what's best for Sam (yes, I'm calling him that) in a terrible, heart-breaking situation.

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